National Forest Gardening Scheme

National Forest Gardening Scheme

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Principles of Forest Gardening

Principles of Forest Gardening For public and community spaces “A forest garden is modelled on the structure of a young natural woodland, utilising plants of direct and indirect benefit to people – often edible plants.”...
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key benefits

Key benefits of forest gardens working with the land rather than against it low maintenance yields a wide range of products resilient to changes and biologically sustainable environmental benefits – CO², erosion, shelter aesthetically pleasing...
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improved well being

Improved well-being Green Space and Health The houses of parliament, parliamentary office of science and technology has produced a key briefing note that touches upon the well-being benefits of green space, as well as the...
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enriching learning

Enriched learning Links between natural environments and learning: evidence briefing There is now a substantial body of evidence which tends to demonstrate a positive association between learning which takes place in the natural environment and...
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