Oxford Real Farming Conference – this week!

The Conference was a great success – a lot of enthusiasm – all our flyers were taken and we collected 21 email addresses. We connected with the charity Food Matters and will explore further collaboration with them. Food Matters facilitated a ‘big tent’ event for Worthing and Adur’s local food system, a gathering we stimulated through our work at the Council. We also connected with Henry Dimbleby who is leading on behalf of DEFRA the National Food Strategy. A lot of support at our stand for the soft launch of a Forest Garden in a Box Join us as a member for as little as £5-10 and we’ll share with you the garden design our forest gardeners have come up with: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe6bJXpfP4kndkl7pljQXgE-v1utnL57yrJjieX_GzqH2lAEQ/viewform…

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