about us

About us

We are a diverse group of planners, designers, community groups, organisational consultants, educators, systems oriented academics, and of course forest gardeners. We first got together in December 2016 inspired by the potential of these gardens to feed us, bring our communities together, to enhance our well being, and teach us more about how we relate to nature.

The initial group of 12 has been growing steadily as we’ve been meeting around the country. Several exciting projects are emerging as a result of the boost in profile the NFGS has been able to give forest gardening.

We have an online forum now with over 70 members, and more are knocking at the door. Please visit our Forum if you’d like to join! I hope the material on this site may already be inspiring you to plant a forest garden. 

There is so much enthusiasm and expertise out there. But it doesn’t always come for free! For some of us, designing forest gardens is a livelihood.

Contact one of our practitioners if you have a project you wish someone to work on.