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Further Information

Apios Institute Sharing experience and knowledge about perennial crop polyculture systems for all climates
Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology Nyeleni, Mali, 2015
Garnense Interview with forest garden pioneer Martin Crawford
Guardian Article: Garden of the future
Permaculture Association Research into forest garden yields – 10 year trial
Permaculture Magazine Robert Hart obituary
Permaculture Research Institute Perennial plants and permaculture
Perennial Solutions Call for a move to perennial crops
Plants for a Future Database of over 7000 edible or useful plants, plus research on ecological agriculture, especially perennials
Resilience Perennial polyculture and the problem with annual monocultures
Robert Hart Pioneer of forest gardening in temperate zones
Science Daily Advocating sustainable agriculture using perennials, no-till and crop diversity – all aspects of forest gardening
Spiralseed Robert Hart’s forest garden – a tribute
Urban Food Forestry Urban Food Forestry
UN Food & Agriculture Organisation Perennial agriculture: Landscape resilience for the future
Wikipedia Entry for forest gardening
Wikipedia Entry for perennial crop

Design & practice

Agroforestry Research Trust Designing a forest garden
Edible Forest Gardens Practical information on the vision, ecology, design, and stewardship of perennial polycultures of multipurpose plants in small-scale settings
Mother Earth News Plant an edible forest garden
Permaculture Research Institute Guidelines for perennial polyculture design
Spiralseed Forest gardening in the city
the Sustainable Smallholding Detailed blog about the design and creation of a forest garden
Tree and Design Action Group Increasing awareness of the role of trees in the built environment