National Forest Gardening Scheme launch

Launch of the National Forest Gardening Scheme, 21 October 2017

Forest Gardens have been established in the UK for over 30 years with dramatic food production results. They are proving they can show the way ahead not only for food growing, but for a healthier, more balanced relationship with our natural world.

Communal space is under threat.

There is also an urgency. Our communal space is under threat. Many councils are having their public park budgets cut by 90%, in some areas even more.

An All-Parliamentary inquiry that reported this February warned that parks are at a tipping point, and face a period of decline with potentially severe consequences unless their vital contribution to areas such as public health, community integration and climate change mitigation is recognised.

Since Forest Gardens are planted as bio-diverse and self generating ecosystems, mimicking a young woodland, they are enormously productive. But they are also a very low maintenance solution for preserving and enhancing our communal space.

800 years after the publication of the Charter of the Forest (a companion document to the Magna Carta), a radical solution for protecting our commons is being called for again, and we are certain forest gardens can play a pivotal role in achieving this.

Make a difference

Your support is critical; your thinking; your critique and your inspiring of others will make the difference to whether this nascent idea will flourish.

You will hear inspiring presentations by leading practitioners, be informed of the latest policy moves within Government, and hear about some exciting community forest garden projects already underway.

This will be a chance to network with some of the most forward thinking practitioners and strategists in the area of public space, well-being and local food production. And to eat a delicious forest garden lunch.

The cost of the ticket covers the lunch, and venue hire only. All else is volunteered.

We very much hope you can join us and would be grateful if you could let us know by 9th October so that we can inform our colleague and caterer for the day, Daphne Lambert, of ‘Living Food.’


Best wishes,

Paul Pivcevic and Dr John Parry MBE


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