How and why to advocate for forest gardens in your local area

Seminar recording: April 30th

A recording of the session here

Daniel Scharf (MRTPI);┬áHas recently written a ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ for Forest Gardening and will be describing the document and how to use it for advocacy

Hannah Gardiner; Has recently undertaken a review of the evidence base of the benefits of Forest Gardening and will share useful insights for you to use in your advocacy work. See her slide presentation here.

Jane Morris; One of the founders of Birchfields Forest Garden, which has been developed in a park in 2007, she will talk about her journey of getting access to the park and building up the forest garden

Here are a couple of documents as useful background: the first is a referenced paper that links forest gardening with policies addressing the climate emergency; the second is a shorter version for use specifically with local authorities

By the way see here our Open Letter concerning access to publicly accessible Forest Gardens during lockdown

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