Ideas to help you

Ideas to help you

1. Soil Checker

A simple test for how to tell what type of soil you have.

2. Top Tips on how to make a thrifty planter

We are big fans of breathing new life into redundant materials, try reusing or re-purposing! But do ensure the materials or container is food safe and there is good drainage by drilling holes into.

We will be showcasing some more info on how to make your own planters here soon!

3. Choose good compost for your containers

Thanks to Keith Colin at Sustainable Sussex for these compost tips

When planting in containers it is important to use good compost to provide your plants with the best nutrients they can get. Not all compost is equal, but generally speaking, a good home-made compost mixed with some loam (healthy garden soil) will give your plants a good start. You can also mix in some well rotted manure from an organic holding.

If you are buying compost from a garden centre, be sure to avoid soil improvers as they are not suitable as a growing medium. It is sensible to choose a peat free compost, to avoid damaging endangered habitats and something without artificial fertilisers – which can kill off the natural organisms which sustain soil life.

If there are any local growing projects or organic farms or nurseries in your area, these are often a great place to find top quality organic growing mediums. Get in touch with them, or try and make your own. Composting is an integral part of how forest gardens function and learning about how to make humus can open your eyes to other incredible worlds.

4. Take inspiration from others

Coming soon – short videos of other people who had started a Forest Garden or a tour of a community Garden.

5. Find a Community Forest Garden near you:

Find information about some forest gardens around the UK, and perhaps see which are near you on our Places to visit page

6. Find a Forest Garden Coach

Our coaches are ready to provide on-line (or in-person socially distanced where appropriate) support. Whether you are just starting out or have been establishing your own plot for a couple of years – a coach is one of the best ways to answer your questions and help get things flourishing.

We will be providing information about the coaches and how to contact them soon!