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Plant nurseries

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Fruit trees, bushes, canes and vines | Perennial Veg | Plants for more than one layer | Seeds | Herbs | Hedging, shuttlecock ferns, Elaeagnus | General plant info

Hulme Garden Centre:

visit: 28 Old Birley St, M15 5RG

twitter: @hulmeCgardenC

facebook: HulmeGardenCentre

Fruit Trees, bushes, canes and vines (good range , especially strawberries (French varieties: Mara de bois, Gariguette, Manille) (grapes and kiwi) (Scottish fruit trees amongst other things) (brilliant range that they source from Frank Matthews) (excellent family run nursery in North Yorkshire. Top quality stock) (some hard to get hold of trees eg Raisin Tree) (Ian Sturrock and Sons for fruit, if you think you can’t grow apples because of your site position, try his Bardsey apple)

Perennial veg

Plants for more than one layer Based in Scotland, Graham has the oldest intentional forest garden in the UK (specialists in rare edible plants) (Live again in July after lockdown) (including grapes, kiwi) (hardy plants including native Scottish; amazing catalogue of herbs) (hedging, shuttlecock ferns, elaeagnus) (Based in Ireland; temporarily closed –  ‘very healthy hedging plants, Berberis & Autumn Olive amongst others’) (You will find the ever growing plant database Plants for a Future database useful)


unlike most seeds you buy (like f1 variants) Real Seeds all come good so you can seed save and resow or swap them, they even tell you how. 


Poyntzfield Herb Nursery: on the Black Isle, an amazing catalogue of herbs worth a visit

Hedging, shuttlecock ferns, Elaeagnus


The RHS has a plant finder (with a native filter)

There’s an amazing UK database of insects and their food plants here

You can find out first/last frost dates in around the UK here with a planting calendar

And a companion planting guide, 

Companion planting is part of what we call guilds

You might find this useful too, Hugelkultur beds a great way to use brash and old wood to make a drought resistant raised bed.